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CD’s For Sale
“Down In Jamaica” $12.00 plus s&h
“Belanger and Bros”
$10.00 plus s&h Blind Dog Blues Anna Lee It's Hard to Believe I've Always Loved You Party Girls Rock All Night Yea, Yea, Yea Hound Dog A Love That's Not Real Feelin' Alright Life of The Band Phone Rang Goodbye
“Best of the Belanger Bros”
 $10.00 plus s&h Almost Cut My Hair Dear Prudence Anna Lee Feelin' Alright Tush Party Girls Louise Love That’s Not Real
“Limited Edition” $5.00 5 songs limited edition plus S&H She Makes Me Wonder  My Baby Loves Me Gutter Baby, She Done Left Me The Pony
Down In Jamaica Come Back Yo Yo Feelin' Alright Woody Ashes To Ashes Home Sweep You Away The Right" Heebeegeebeez Anna Lee The Pain Love That's Not Real